We combine a remarkable heritage with modern lifestyle

Historical architecture tells a beautiful story of our past. We make it relevant to today by redesigning it with a modern eye. It’s a conversation between the present and the past that creates something entirely new.

Every piece tells a story, we just make it relevant

Every piece tells a story, we just make it relevant

The biggest difference that sets Wood Freaks apart from other general contractors or restores is that we implement the knowledge of museum preservationists combined with the comfort of the latest technology.

The complexity of Historical Architecture is what makes it interesting.

How does someone decides to start working exclusively on old houses?

You fall in love. When you heartbeat skips seeing the chocolate brown beauty hiding between the century old trees.

And you can’t help yourself but wanting to find out everything about it.

It’s that simple.

It’s all what I see and breathe – New York’s brownstones.

We love unique pieces

They show your home’s personality, but sometimes they aren’t in the best condition.

We are bringing them back to life.

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